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Está (quase) tudo bem

The chronicle book Está (quase) tudo bem (Everything is (almost) fine) won in Germany the Bavaria Best Independent Book 2021 award, which recognizes the best works published by independent publishers in Bavaria.

This book is a succession of surprises. At first, they seem like memories sprouting like mushrooms after the rain. Soon, restless characters, nonconformist with geography, jump from one continent to another, from the city to the forest. In the coming and going of the immigration drama, they do not even know their birthplace. The father is the point of departure and arrival, but takes us beyond the familiar. All fiction starts from something lived, portrayed in invented characters and situations. And the writing emerges like a photo camera, even because - as Luciana says - "the ideas of the heart are difficult to explain". (Flávio Tavares, journalist and author, Jabuti Brazilian Prize)


Award in Germany

Brazilian press:

Jornal Rascunho

Rádio France Internacional

Rádio Senado

Revista Gueto

Femigrantes BR Podcast

Cinco Minutos de literature Podcast

Jornal Rascunho – Coluna Claudia Nina

Como eu escrevo

German Press:

Jornal Süddeutsche Zeitung

LITPROM Literatura do mundo


Revista Tópicos- Zeitschrift der Deutsch-Brasilianischen Gesellschaft e.V.

Publication in Brazil and in Germany::

No Brasil - Editora Folhas de Relva 

Na Alemanha – Hagebutte Verlag

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